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  • Listening to: Depeche Mode (LOTS of Depeche Mode)
  • Reading: A Series of Unfortunate Events #12
  • Watching: Doctor Who Series 10
  • Playing: Puzzle & Dragons Z
  • Eating: S'mores Cereal
  • Drinking: Tea!
Heyo. Sorry about the inactivity (well, more inactivity than usual, I mean). Here's a video I made to show what's keeping me occupied:

For my college project, I'm making a short comic starring this fluffy dragon, who will grow up over the course of it. These drawings were done to serve as reference for the actual production. Extra info on the drawings here:

Depeche Mode? 

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BrownieComicWriter's Profile Picture
Asher C. Higgs
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
(Wall of text alert)

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. At the age of 7, I decided to draw comics. And I did so for the next four years, putting pencil to paper countless times... and only finishing a small handful of them. After that, high school got in the way, but from 2010 to 2013 I obtained 10 small red exercise books, graciously donated to me by a teacher. I filled 7 of them (and started an 8th) with assorted drawings, random stuff... and more comics, starring an anthropomorphic dog named Brownie, a character I had come up with all the way back in 2003. These were all drawn in pen and mostly coloured in too, and towards the end I started to use pencils to sketch out the lines first...

In 2012, I expanded Brownie's universe. I added more characters, more complex plot, deeper lore... and I discovered furries, and started drawing some anthros of my own. I even started preparing a webcomic continuing Brownie's adventures! But that never came to fruition... and then, in December of that year, my life turned around when I discovered the joys of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Brownie was forgotten, and on the 11th of February, 2013, I set up an account on DeviantArt. And that's where I am today.

In my first year, I almost exclusively drew ponies, and the few non-pony uploads I made were almost all from before I started my DeviantArt page. I started seeking better tools and methods; I used the same pens that had brought Brownie to life, but coloured my pictures digitally. Then, in 2014, college got in the way and I drew less and less. I also made extensive preparations for an animated series parodying My Little Pony, but that never got off the ground either. When I came back, I tried experimenting with vectors to draw my lineart, my slightly rough pen lines having been rejected by one DeviantArt group. But for some time now, I had had a graphics tablet sitting unused in my cupboard, and I was dissatisfied with the results I got with vectors...

So, in February 2015, I dusted off my tablet and started drawing. It took months to get used to the device, and produce lines I was happy with, but it was worth it. I had finally found my perfect system; clean lines made directly on the computer. But that wasn't enough. I started branching out. My passion for anthropomorphism resurfaced, and I resurrected one of my anthro characters, and built on the dragon character whom I had also brought back the previous year. I explored my interest in Five Nights at Freddy's through art, and did several assorted original pieces, including a self-portrait. And then I discovered Pokémon and all the fun which came from that, too!

In 2015, I drew more than I had done in ages. The following two years have seen a decline in quantity of output, but I have remained dissatisfied with my skill level and have continually strived to make better and better pictures. I've started shading more often. I've started putting backgrounds in. I've been using reference images more and more, to the point where sometimes I don't even need them. And I've continued branching out further and further, to the point where ponies make up only a small percentage of my output.

And now, at 20, I've returned to my original passion: comics. Pokémon Resonance is my third attempt at a long-term project... and it seems I'll succeed this time. I've returned to my roots: making page after page of monochrome comics starring talking animals. And I'm happy with that.

TL;DR version: "I suck at being concise."

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Current Projects

I've got a request for JonyTheDragon, two pony pics and a Pokemon pic in the works right now, plus the cover for chapter 1 of my Pokemon Resonance comic and the first few pages! Also, I've started on Yira with Socks 4, but it's a difficlt pose, so it might take a while.

Series in Progress
Yira with Socks (next: #4)
My Little Ponymon (next: Luna)
Gotta Botch 'Em All (next: #4)


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